Launch Aurora PostgreSQL database

nopCommerce supports PostgreSQL database, so we can use Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Compatible Edition as database for nopCommerce.

Since March 12, 2021 AWS Graviton2-based database instances are generally available for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Compatible Edition and Amazon Aurora MySQL Compatible Edition.

On the AWS Console page, click on the RDS link under the Database section (or search for RDS). Click the Create database button. Select Amazon Aurora.

  • Choose Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility
  • Choose Provisioned capacity type
  • Choose PostgreSQL 11.9


Next specify DB cluster identifier, master username and master password. Please note them as you will need it to configure connection string:


Next select DB instance class db.r6g.large, which is memory-optimized R instance class powered by AWS Graviton2 processor:


Next for connectivity disable public access, as the database will only be accessed by EC2 instance from inside VPC. Also leave default security group.

In next step you will add this default security group to EC2 instance so it can securely access Aurora database.


Click Create database.

It will take about 10 minutes for database to be up and running.

Once database is up and running, please copy the endpoint address, as you will need it to configure connection string:


Congratulations! You have successfully launched Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Compatible database powered by AWS Graviton2 processor!