Launch EC2 instance

First you need to launch new Ubuntu EC2 instance powered by AWS Graviton2 processor.

On the AWS Console page, click on the EC2 link under the Compute section (or search for EC2). Click the Launch Instance button. Search for ubuntu. We will need to select the operating system and compute architecture of the EC2 instance we want to launch, in this case we’re going to use Ubuntu Server 20.04 and because we want to launch an AWS Graviton2-based instance we are selecting the radio button for 64-bit (Arm). Click the Select button to proceed to the next step.

You are selecting Ubuntu Server as this is one of the Linux distributions supported by .NET 5 and that can be run on Arm64 architecture. You can check the list of currently supported Linux distributions for .NET here: Install .NET on Linux

Ubuntu Arm64

On the next page, select an c6g.large compute-optimized instance type that offers 2 vCPU and 4GB of memory. As we are going to compile large eCommerce application, we need to have sustained CPU speed, so we are not going to use burstable T instances. Click the box next to c6g.large and then click the Review and Launch button:


On the next page leave Instance Details as defaults (use default VPC).

On the next page keep Storage as defaults.

On the next page add Name tag with DotNet5Graviton2 value: Tags

Next configure security group:

  • Open port 22 to be able to SSH to the instance
  • Open port 5000 to be able to access web application once it’s up and running

It is recommended to open port 22 to be accessibly only from your IP address.

Security group

Click Review and Launch and then click Launch.

At this point you’ll need to either create new or supply an existing key-pair for use when connecting to the new instance via SSH. Create and download key-pair, and click the Launch Instances button.


Now your instance is launching and you can click on the View Instances button to see the status of instances within your AWS account.

We are ready to connect to your c6g instance. To get details and instructions on connecting to the instance you can click on the instance and then click the Connect button. This will provide you direction on how to connect as seen below.


Follow the instructions on the screen to connect to the instance. After successfully connecting, you will be at the Ubuntu command prompt.


Run the following command:

uname -i

That will show that we are running on an ‘aarch64’ architecture which is the Linux architecture name for 64-bit Arm:


Congratulations! You have successfully launched and connected to the Ubuntu instance powered by AWS Graviton2!