.NET 5 on AWS Graviton2

In 2019, AWS announced new Amazon EC2 instance types powered by the AWS Graviton2 processor. The AWS Graviton2 processor is based on the ARM64 architecture leveraging 64-bit ARM Neoverse N1 cores. Since 2019, AWS has launched many new EC2 instances built on Graviton2, including general-purpose (M6g), compute-optimized (C6g), memory-optimized (R6g), and general-purpose burstable (T4g) types. Comparing similar instance families, the Graviton2 instances are about 20% less expensive per hour than Intel x86 instances with up to 40% better performance.

In this lab, you are going to learn how to run .NET 5 web applications on AWS Graviton2 and do the following:

  • Launch new Ubuntu Server EC2 instance powered by AWS Graviton2 processor
  • Install .NET 5 SDK and create sample ASP.NET web application
  • Build and run open-source eCommerce platform (nopCommerce)