Create user pool

Create User pool

Open the AWS Console, navigate to the Cognito and click Manage User Pools.

Create user pool

Next click Create a user pool.

Enter Pool name, for example CognitoTest and click Review defaults.

Create user pool

Click Create pool on the review page.

Add app client

After user pool is created, go to App clients and click Add an app client.

Enter name, for example CognitoTestAppClient.

Ensure that Generate client secret is not selected.

Create user pool

After app client is created, please note the App client id that you will need later.

Create user pool

Configure app client settings

Next go to App client settings.

Enter the following Callback URL (port number should correspond to you local project settings):


Check Authorization code grant and then email, openid and profile from Allowed OAuth scopes.

Create user pool

Add domain name

You will use the UI provided by Cognito to sign up users and enable them to log in. It is also possible to build your own UI, but this is out of the scope of current lab.

Go to Domain name tab and enter domain prefix.

Create user pool